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Earning SMS Alert Service System

LinkLank IT Solutions gives you full support and guide you to have your own SMS subscribers plan where you can earn money Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.

In this service, we will create an SMS Platform Account on behalf of you and hand over to you to send SMS to your followers.

Supporting Networks

  • Dialog
  • Airtel
  • Etisalat (Hutch)
  • Hutch

What services can you provide?

  • News Alert SMS (Eg. SunNews, QuickNews)
  • Technology SMS Alert (Eg. TechNews)
  • Health Tips SMS Alert (Eg. MediTips)
  • Beauty Tips SMS Alert (Eg. BeautyTips)
  • Learn Languages SMS Alert (Eg. TalkEnglish, TalkSinhala)
  • Teach Anything SMS Alert
  • Sports News Alert SMS (Eg. SportsNews)
  • Cooking Tips Alert SMS (Eg. Samayal)
  • Rasi palan Alert
  • Prayer Time Alert
  • Any other legal content service you wish to provide

How much can you earn from a follower/subscriber?

It depends on the amount you set for subscriber.

Eg. If you set Rs.30/Month, then you will earn Rs.21/Month from a subscriber. So when you have 1000 Subscribers in your account, you will earn approximately Rs. 20,000+/Month. If you have 10,000 Subscribers in your account, then your earning will be around Rs. 200,000 + /Month. This is how you will earn.

How to send SMS to Subscribers?

You can send SMS to your subscribers using both your admin platform and your regular mobile SMS.

How to Setup this account? And is there any setup service charge?

Yes, there is a onetime service fee. We charge Rs. 35,000/- for setting up an account on behalf of you as a service fee. After you made the payment, we’ll setup this account with your co-operation.

For More Details and Assistance

Call: 077 82 42 082


Project Duration: 1 Days

Payment terms:

  • Full payment in advance


*Terms and conditions apply